Words cannot express how much fun we had at the show. It was so amazing to see both familiar and new faces, and to catch up with family, friends, and fans. Thank you to Independent's Day for making this possible. Head over to our Facebook page to view the live-streamed video, photos, and much more from the reunion show!

We have set up an Instagram account for Phantods where we will be posting pictures, videos, updates, and other fun stuff from our past. Check it out at

We are scheduled to play at 6:45PM on Sunday, September 18th. Admission is free. Please view the Independent's Day Facebook event page or the Independent's Day website for more details.

In celebration of the Phantods reunion show at the Independent's Day Festival in Columbus, Ohio, September 18, 2016, we are releasing all of our music for free online at the links below. Click the links of your preferred service (Bandcamp, Google Drive ,or Dropbox) next to each album in order to download our music.

Music Downloads

Download any of our albums or songs at the links below. At Bandcamp, you can choose to download any of the albums or songs for free, or pay whatever amount you like. Bandcamp also provides flexibility with file types, e.g. MP3, WAV, FLAC, and other file types. Links to Google Drive and Dropbox are also provided if those services are preferred.

Music is Dead 2012 [ Bandcamp ] [ Google Drive ] [ Dropbox ]
Creature 2010 [ Bandcamp ] [ Google Drive ] [ Dropbox ]
Revival 2009 [ Bandcamp ] [ Google Drive ] [ Dropbox ]
Self-Titled 2008 [ Bandcamp ] [ Google Drive ] [ Dropbox ]
Browse Catalog n/a [ Bandcamp ] [ Google Drive ] [ Dropbox ]